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Cloughlass, BurtonPort.

This range of high quality Sea Vegetables is harvested and processed in Co Donegal, Ireland.

providing a source for the freshest and tastiest products.

All our Sea Veg products are packed in Co. Donegal, Eire. and are of the finest quality and freshness. “

Contact : Mark Turner, SeaVeg, 55 Wallace Crescent, Roslin, Midlothian. EH25 9LN.

Tel 0131 440 4104; mailto:maire@seaveg.co.uk


Potato Pancakes with Dulse

Take 1lb (450g) cooked mashed potato, add 2 desert spoons (25g) of plain flour, and 1/4oz (7g) of finely chopped dulse, mix together, split into portions, and roll in golden breadcrumbs. Shallow or deep fry in olive oil. Add pepper to taste and serve.

Tasty Seaweed Soup

Take 1 pint of fresh cold springwater, and add 1 desert spoon of Marigold reduced salt bullion, finely chop and throw in ¼ oz (7g) each of Dulse, Wakame, and mixed Sea Salad, heat gently to near boil and simmer for 7-10 minutes. Serve with crutons, toast, or fresh buttered bread.

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Carragheen (Irish Moss)

Dulse (Dillisk)



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